Truck licence in an Automatic

Did you know that you could achieve a truck licence in Automatic truck?

Your licence will have a condition B restriction, which means that you are licenced to drive automatic and synchromesh transmissions only.

This licence condition suits many candidates who have no intention of driving Roadranger manuals. Many candidates are either self-taught or have no experience driving a manual and this pathway suits their needs. This is a great pathway for someone who may be nervous and wants to concentrate on the other elements of learning to drive a truck.

“The training course and assessment is more predictable in timeframe compared with a Roadranger course and this saves you money”.

If your circumstances change, the condition can be lifted at a later date by completing a short course.

We offer automatic options in Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid and Heavy Combination.

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Truck licence reversing criteria for HVCBA

If you’re considering completing a truck licence course, you might be interested in learning the reversing criteria that you will be required to perform.

A Long reverse is required for all licence classes and in addition to that either a Loading dock Simulation or a Reverse parallel park (for rigid classes). In the interest of safety, the assessment must be conducted in a non-traffic or low level traffic area and may be an off-road location.


Long reverse (for all vehicle types)

The applicant must:

  • Activate the hazard lights. 

  • For LR, MR, HR – demonstrate a full reverse. (4 vehicle lengths) 

  • For HC and MC – demonstrate a 70 metre straight line reverse. (If the vehicle is a pocket road train or a double road train, reverse one trailer length.) 

  • Maintain observation for traffic. 

  • Not have any wheel cross the edge line (or seal edge, or kerb). 

  • Not have any wheel more than one metre (as a guide) from the edge line (or seal edge, or kerb. 

  • Not make any forward adjustment (HC may make one forward adjustment and two for MC). 

  • Secure the vehicle at the end of the exercise.
  • Switch off hazard lights.

Loading dock simulation (All vehicle types except MC)

The applicant must:

  • Operate the hazard lights. 

  • Stop beyond the driveway and reverse to a position that is central and parallel in the loading bay/driveway and, if possible, fully into the driveway. 
  • Not exceed one forward correction. 

  • Competently operate the controls throughout. 

  • Pay due regard to the traffic on the road and driveway. 

  • Drive with the doors shut. 

  • Not mount the kerb or strike any object. 

Reverse parallel park (Rigid Vehicles only)

The applicant must:

  • Check the mirrors. 

  • Operate the left indicator for an adequate time to alert other road users. 

  • Operate the hazard lights. 

  • Make no more than four direction changes. 

  • Achieve final position:
    • behind the forward parking pole. 

    • (as a guide 1 to 2 metres behind) 
    • wheels close to the kerb (as a guide within 500mm from the kerb)
    • body of vehicle parallel to the kerb
  • Not touch the kerb, any vehicles or parking poles. 

  • Competently operate the controls throughout. 

  • Switch off hazard lights. 

Note: This manoeuvre may be assessed using a simulated environment in an off road location (e.g. using bollards or parking poles). 

Criteria valid at time of writing.

Medium Rigid (MR) Driver job with Multiglaze

Mark from MULTIGLAZE in Revesby called us seeking a candidate for a new position that has come up in his company. He is very motivated to find the right person and has sent us all the details, as follows:

We are a company looking for a professional heavy vehicle operator to work out of our Revesby location and deliver goods across multiple sites in Sydney. Due to rapid growth we have a newly created role for an experienced MR Local Driver. The successful applicant must have a good knowledge of the metro area be reliable and fit to deliver various goods and have a positive attitude towards their valuable customers. You will be available and ready to start ASAP. 

What we offer: 

  • Consistent shifts Monday – Friday and Saturday work if desired 
  • Excellent working conditions with a good team atmosphere 
  • Work with a company prepared to invest in your development and skills 

What you have:

  • MR License
  • Sensible safety attitude, positive attitude to safety!

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