Will I fail my truck licence assessment?

Lets start this article with some statistics from a recent internal audit that we conducted. 250 of the last training courses were considered (50 from each trainer) and the results showed that approximately 90% of learners passed their Final Competency Assessment (FCA) first attempt.

We are very pleased with that figure, as 9 in 10 is a really good first time pass rate. The figures were all very close for each trainer, which indicates that they all are doing their job properly.

In the event of a failed attempt at a truck licence assessment, the rules allow that you can reattempt the assessment 1 hour later. Of course, this is dependent on the assessors availability. Our team of assessors always try provide the earliest reassessment opportunity.

In the unlikely event of a failed FCA, we only charge for the time to conduct the reassessment, which is applied at a discounted rate.

We understand that failing is not a pleasant experience, and our team is well trained on treating each learner with dignity at this disappointing time.

Whilst the assessors final decision must stand, as per procedure, if a customer wishes to appeal the decision, the video evidence will be reviewed by the principle trainer. If the decision is deemed to be incorrect, we will provide a reassessment free of charge. Our assessors don’t make mistakes, as they are all very experienced and have intimate knowledge of the rules. Benefits of the doubt are always provided to the candidate.

Our mission is to not see you fail in the first place, so our trainers push you as hard as we can to see that you’re well prepared and likely to pass first attempt.

A few insights to consider:

  • Road rules such as Signalling and Stop signs are obviously treating seriously in assessments, and result in immediate test termination if they’re broken
  • In-cabin cameras are required to record the assessment
  • Appropriate conversation is permitted to relax the environment but assessors are careful not to distract you
  • The final assessment does not include off-road criteria like load securing or pre start checks.

You can be assured that when you received a licence training and assessment course with  ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING, you’re dealing with a proper Roads and Maritime Services approved Registered Training Organisation.

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Let our team help you pass your heavy vehicle driving assessment first go…

Free training session – Load securing and Road rules

On Wednesday 5 December 2018 at 6:00pm, we invite you to attend a free training and information session that will refresh you on the following topics:

Load securing

Road rules

The session will go for about 90 minutes and is free of charge.

The session is also an opportunity to meet a trainer and assessor, discuss any licensing enquiries you have and check out our fleet of training vehicles.

This session is not about generating sales; it’s all about giving back to the industry that has served us well for many decades.

We invite all to attend with Statements of Attendance provided on request.

The event will be held at 2C Burley Rd Horsley Park 2175.

A free sausage sizzle will be on offer.

Bookings are essential as spots are limited. Call today 1300521289 or email info@adt.nsw.edu.au or message us on Facebook.

Free training session flyer

Need work? Get a truck licence

One quick search of Seek reveals 1753 truck driver jobs in Sydney alone. There certainly is a shortage of truck drivers in Sydney, and the problem is worse in regional areas.

If driving a truck for work is something that interests you, we can help you get started by offering two services:

Medium Rigid licence upgrade, or

Heavy Rigid licence upgrade, or

Heavy Combination licence upgrade, and

Advanced Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

Stage 1: The truck licence upgrade stage (HVCBA) provides training and assessment to meet the government prescribed licence standard to drive a heavy vehicle. Whilst this program is of high quality, the contents are set by government agencies, and not industry (or us), and in many cases that content and / or standard may be lower than what some employers consider as a job ready preparation. One fact that we’ve established numerous times is that generally speaking most employers enjoy paying low course fees to see their staff licensed, and will elect to only fund the licence process and not the advanced content.

Stage 2 (optional): The advanced driver training is not required to start work, as responsible driver transport operators will often provide sufficient employment training and induction, but it is fair to say that some employers expect that you are job ready at application to the job. In this program the training involves serious ‘low gear’ grades, advanced load security awareness, fatigue compliance, and advanced gear changing in constant mesh manuals (where applicable).

In a perfect world the licence standard would include the advanced training but that is not the case, as in a competitive training market, provider’s course fees are compared and sadly cheap and quick is often preferred over quality and content. The only way that will change is if the policy makers amend the rules and require new drivers to undertake training and assessment on more subjects.

So if you want high quality and reliable licensing process that doesn’t divert from the minimum licensing requirements, we provide that solution and do it in class with highly qualified trainers in near new industry leading vehicles. Highest quality – easiest pathway.

If you see value in learning more beyond the minimum licence standard or want to experience ‘low gear required’ grades like Mt Ousley, we can provide that too.

It’s about meeting your personal wants and needs, something our family company has done for nearly four decades.

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Truck licence course – Hot deals

Right now is the time to book a truck licence course with us. On some courses, we are offering prices as cheap as we were 10 years ago. The offers are strictly for November 2018 and may be withdrawn at anytime. Call today 1300521289.

We have surveyed customers for over a decade and know what the majority of customers want in a truck licence course:

  • A cheap truck licence course
  • A reliable and easy process to achieve a licence
  • A friendly trainer and assessor  

We get that; money doesn’t come easy and nobody wants to have a difficult training course with someone who isn’t friendly. We strive to keep our fees down and to provide the easiest and most predictable pathway to a truck licence course.

Our decision to aggressively price our courses is due to some low quality new competitors who are desperate to make a name for themselves by offering prices that simply don’t make any sense.

We suspect something isn’t be right with their offers. Perhaps the dodgy deals include:

  • Tax evasion
  • Old, irrelevant, and unmaintained vehicles
  • Lightly weighted and non compliant vehicles
  • Poor quality trainers
  • Incompetent assessors
  • Training staff who don’t speak English properly
  • Hidden course fees
  • No managerial oversight, resulting in these operators being free to overcharge, rip off customers, and be non compliant with the scheme regulations
  • Non approved or unregistered operators (they pay a fee to operate under a third party provider contract)
  • All or a combination of above.

We know these dodgy operators are being targeted by the regulatory authorities and trust that they won’t last long in the industry.

WARNING: At least weekly we are taking enquiries from customers who tried out one of these dodgy truck licence course and got burned. Have some pride in yourself and only deal with a proper training organisation like us.

Our guarantee to our customers is as follows:

  • We pay tax and you will be provided a receipt for you payment
  • We use high quality and near new vehicles for training and assessments. See our fleet
  • We have a rigorous vehicle maintenance schedule
  • Our vehicles are correctly weighted and compliant with the scheme requirements
  • All trainers and assessors are competent, well trained, and experienced
  • All trainers and assessors are friendly and fair
  • All trainers and assessors speak English well
  • All trainers and assessors are in-house, as we do not use outsiders
  • We will NEVER overcharge customers by training or assessing for more than the time required
  • We offer an advanced heavy vehicle driver training course if you want to extend your skills and experience beyond the minimum licence requirements
  • We employ managers who trainers and assessors are answerable to, which ensures quality and compliant processes are maintained
  • We employ office staff who are available to handle your administration or truck licence course enquiries
  • We employ technical staff who are available to provide support and direction on matters concerning heavy vehicles
  • We employ consultancy staff who engage the corporate sector and government agencies for training and assessment systems
  • We provide clear and detailed notice on course information, and provide a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to all customers
  • We are an RMS approve RTO, listed on the RMS website, which means that we have been approved by multiple government agencies who audit that our systems of quality and compliance meet the standards

Don’t wait, call us now for a great deal on a Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid, or Heavy Combination truck licence course, in either a auto or manual (Roadranger).

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Mack Granite used for truck licence course
Mack Granite used for truck licence course