Cheap truck licence

Getting a cheap truck licence is achievable.

But should cheap be the priority for someone considering a truck licence? The answer to that question lies in what each individual applicant wants and needs in a cheap truck licence course. Cheap is tempting in these times where money doesn’t come easy. However, be careful, as perceived cheap may cost you more in the end. Hence, at ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING, we think a balance is in order between price and quality.

There are two ends to the truck licence course spectrum. At one end is the cheap and nasty trainer. Generally, expect to meet him at his local service station, or at the side of the road, and anticipate him turning up with an ex garbage truck that he picked up at the auctions for $10000. You can expect him to pay half of his attention to his phone all day and when you ask for a receipt for your payment, expect to see disappointment in his face while he looks around for his “receipt book” that he’s conveniently misplaced.

At the other end of the spectrum is the trainer with quality equipment and facilities. Generally, with these more professional licence course providers, expect to meet for the course at a business premises and expect to be trained in modern trucks. In this learning environment, you can expect to have well-planned systems of training and organised procedures that make for predictable outcomes. Noteworthy, however, is that these well organised trainers can include training and assessment activity that extends beyond the minimum requirements. This may increase course fees.

So, we can see the two options to getting a truck licence: one is a cheap truck licence; however, cheap and nasty, with low quality and unpredictable outcomes (good luck getting a receipt too). On the other hand, there are professional outfits with quality systems. These are increasingly rare these days, as the cheap and nasty trainers are outcompeting these providers.

What if you could have quality systems of training and assessment, in modern trucks, with fair and friendly staff, who will not require you do more work than is necessary and will provide all of this for a competitive course fee? Well, that’s exactly what ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING offers with its truck licence course service.

The right price, quality equipment, friendly staff and no fuss minimum requirements; that’s ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING. Don’t settle for second best; only deal with Sydney’s trusted name in truck licence courses.

If you want a cheap truck licence course, but don’t want to settle for low quality trainers in rusted old leaky trucks, call us today on 1300521289.

Cheap truck licence
Cheap truck licence


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Truck license Wetherill Park

Need a truck license Wetherill Park?

A truck license Wetherill Park can be an affordable and achievable way to get started in the transport industry.

Wetherill Park and surrounding suburbs have significant warehousing and logistics industry and getting a truck license for work in Wetherill Park is worth considering and has never been more simple. Wetherill Park being a balance between too busy and busy enough makes it a suitable area to conduct truck license courses.

At ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING, our systems of training and assessment ensure that you’re given every opportunity to succeed in the truck license course. At ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING, we have truck license courses in Wetherill Park running six days a week.

Our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is based in Horsley Park, which is the next suburb to Wetherill Park and our truck license courses often take applicants through Wetherill Park and surrounding areas.

Being a significant transport hub of Western Sydney, there is a lot of truck license courses in Wetherill Park on offer. However, be warned, many truck license course providers in Wetherill Park are not registered and often use old and outdated trucks for their truck license courses in Wetherill Park. There really is some low-quality service providers in the industry and applicants must avoid dealing with these. Regularly we are appointed to retrain and reassess applicants who got their truck license by questionable means.

Be careful with quotes that seem too good to be true, as they’ll tell you anything to get your money. Only deal with the best in the industry. We’ve been in driver training industry since 1980 and only use modern vehicles in our truck license courses.

If you want affordable, professional training with relaxed and friendly service, call us today for a great deal on a truck license in Wetherill Park.

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