Retirement of our senior staff member Joe Sciberras

Joe (my father) has been teaching students how to drive trucks since about 1980. His very rewarding career and hard work has built the foundation of Alltruck Driver Training as we know it today.

Joe has been through numerous regulatory changes, and survived them all. His ability to facilitate quality training programs, and produce competent drivers has resulted in thousands of satisfied students.

Inline with his 60th birthday later this month, Joe has made the decision to give the game away, and focus on his hobbies.

From everyone at Alltruck Driver Training, we thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication.  All the best in retirement.

Michael Sciberras

Hi-Vis clothing requirements for staff and students

We have been rolling out a policy that requires all our training staff and students to be wearing a Hi-Vis shirt, vest, jacket or jumper, at all time during the training and assessment activity, including lunch breaks.

These measures may seem over the top, but in my opinion, it is very much the norm these days in the transport industry.

Our attitude is simple, anything we can do to maximise our staff and students safety, is obviously a step in the right direction.

We will be requesting that students bring a Hi-Vis top to their training, but we expect that some applicants may not own or perhaps will forget to bring one.  If this happens, we will supply a vest for the student to borrow.

It’s time to get safe and be seen.

Michael Sciberras