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Tips to Keep In Mind For New Truckers

It can be the midst of the evening and you also suddenly found yourself drifting off to sleep. Sounds too dangerous, right? You then end up catching a deep breath after a gruelling day. They are probably just a couple of items that new truck drivers are experiencing. The trail to becoming a specialist truck … Continue reading “Tips to Keep In Mind For New Truckers”

Primary brake and low gear areas

Are truck drivers ever permitted to use primary (service/foot) brakes in low gear areas like Mt Ousley? Road Rules 2014 (NSW) s 108(1) requires: If the driver of a truck or bus is driving on a length of road to which a trucks and buses low gear sign applies, the driver must drive the truck or bus in … Continue reading “Primary brake and low gear areas”

Changes to truck licensing expected

The revised Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) provider agreement is its final stages of revision, and it is expected to be ready for comment in early May with providers set to sign up following that. This agreement is the agreement that providers have with the RMS to offer heavy vehicle licensing to the public. … Continue reading “Changes to truck licensing expected”

80 year old gets a truck licence

About a year ago we were first contacted by an 80 year old gentleman named Michael who was required to pass a aged driver test to keep his Heavy Combination (HC) driver licence. A member of our team politely questioned Michael’s reasons to not surrender his truck licence,  and Michael declared that he ‘just wanted … Continue reading “80 year old gets a truck licence”

Podcast 3 2019 – Getting a truck licence and why choose us

The basic steps to get a truck licence with us at ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING and the 5 key reasons that you should choose us for your Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid or Heavy Combination licence needs. Call us anytime on 1300521289.  

Podcast 2 – February 2019

This video explains how we at ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING achieve a balance between following the rules, whilst providing the most efficient heavy vehicle licence process possible. Call us 1300521289 for information of a Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid or Heavy Combination licence.

Thinking of dealing with a dodgy truck licence assessor? Think again…

It is embarrassing that I am able to even find content for this article but the truth is that there is a minority of the training industry who think that it is acceptable to not follow the rules or outright engage in corrupt behaviours. We link to the following recent cases of alleged damaging misconduct … Continue reading “Thinking of dealing with a dodgy truck licence assessor? Think again…”

Will I fail my truck licence assessment?

Lets start this article with some statistics from a recent internal audit that we conducted. 250 of the last training courses were considered (50 from each trainer) and the results showed that approximately 90% of learners passed their Final Competency Assessment (FCA) first attempt. We are very pleased with that figure, as 9 in 10 … Continue reading “Will I fail my truck licence assessment?”

Free training session – Load securing and Road rules

On Wednesday 5 December 2018 at 6:00pm, we invite you to attend a free training and information session that will refresh you on the following topics: Load securing Road rules The session will go for about 90 minutes and is free of charge. The session is also an opportunity to meet a trainer and assessor, … Continue reading “Free training session – Load securing and Road rules”