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Cheap truck licence

Getting a cheap truck licence is achievable. But should cheap be the priority for someone considering a truck licence? The answer to that question lies in what each individual applicant wants and needs in a cheap truck licence course. Cheap is tempting in these times where money doesn’t come easy. However, be careful, as perceived … Continue reading “Cheap truck licence”

Truck license Wetherill Park

Need a truck license Wetherill Park? A truck license Wetherill Park can be an affordable and achievable way to get started in the transport industry. Wetherill Park and surrounding suburbs have significant warehousing and logistics industry and getting a truck license for work in Wetherill Park is worth considering and has never been more simple. Wetherill … Continue reading “Truck license Wetherill Park”


Trucker vets might summarise the beginning year as a huge obstacle to certainly difficult. Some could even say that the first year is most likely to be the hardest one. However do not let this frighten you and this is no time to stress. Every one of these comments are not here to deter you … Continue reading “KEYS TO A GREAT FIRST YEAR AS A TRUCKER”

Types of People Behind The Steering Wheel

Finding a job this day is surely not easy. Many jobs require you to have good level of degree, certificate, work experience etc. People that do not have access to this opportunity tend to find a job that requires little to no experience. Each job that are mentioned below worth a shot: ●            Driver of … Continue reading “Types of People Behind The Steering Wheel”

Truck license Penrith

Considering a truck license Penrith? Need a truck license Penrith? ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING has been servicing customers from the Penrith area for many years. Our training facility is only a short drive from Penrith down the M4 motorway. A truck license Penrith is an achievable process, which starts with a visit to Service NSW Penrith to … Continue reading “Truck license Penrith”

Tips for passing truck licence assessment in a Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid or Heavy Combination

Change of direction signals In an HVCBA licence course for Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid, or Heavy Combination, non-compliance with the rules requiring signalling/indicating are recorded as errors under section D of the HVCBA scoring provisions. Section D does not allow any errors; hence, knowledge of the rules is critical to candidates’ success in truck licence … Continue reading “Tips for passing truck licence assessment in a Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid or Heavy Combination”

Signalling left when leaving roundabouts

Issue What is the statutory interpretation of the word ‘practicable’ in the context of Road Rules 2014 (NSW) (the ‘rules‘) s 118(1): ‘If practicable, a driver driving in a roundabout must give a left change of direction signal when leaving the roundabout’? Hence, what defence can a driver argue to the charge of breach of s … Continue reading “Signalling left when leaving roundabouts”

Attention employers and PCBU

Be warned From businesses large and small, to government agencies and councils, the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth) (‘WHS Act’) requires that ‘workers’ (see meaning below), inter alia, be kept safe at work. In focus for this article is the requirement of ‘the provision of any information, training, instruction or supervision’. Namely, the WHS Act s … Continue reading “Attention employers and PCBU”

Tips to Keep In Mind For New Truckers

It can be the midst of the evening and you also suddenly found yourself drifting off to sleep. Sounds too dangerous, right? You then end up catching a deep breath after a gruelling day. They are probably just a couple of items that new truck drivers are experiencing. The trail to becoming a specialist truck … Continue reading “Tips to Keep In Mind For New Truckers”