1-tonne tri-axle mass transfer allowance

The 1-tonne tri-axle mass transfer allowance (1TMTA) has commenced.

The 1TMTA permits heavy vehicle operators, working under General Mass Limits (GML), to load each tri-axle group with up to one tonne more than otherwise permitted, provided the mass limits across the vehicle’s non-steer axle groups are decreased by an equivalent amount – and never by more than a one tonne offset on any of the reduced-limit axle groups.

This does not permit any increase to the vehicles maximum total mass, but grants more flexibility in how that mass can be distributed across axle groups.

Vehicles operating under the 1TMTA do not need to be identified by a sticker or any other means and there is no requirement for drivers to carry any specific 1TMTA documentation.

Read the 1-Tonne Tri-Axle Mass Transfer Allowance fact sheet (PDF, 1MB)to ensure you understand the conditions of the 1TMTA and how it works.

Source: NHVR