A look at the licence class Medium Rigid (MR)

17A Medium Rigid (MR) vehicle is a two (2) axel vehicle with a GVM greater than 8T and can tow a trailer that must not weigh greater than 9T GVM.

Persons wishing to upgrade to an MR licence must have held a class C licence (except a learner licence) or equivalent for one year or more, passed a knowledge test, passed an eyesight test, and either passed an RMS driving test or undertake Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA).

A person who holds a provisional P1 licence is not eligible for a MR licence.

The MR licence course is a popular training product, and provides a stepping stone to larger vehicles. Seek.com.au is often listing jobs for requiring an MR licence. More often than not, a customer enquiring about an MR training course will elect to enrol in the marginally more expensive HR license training course. This is a better value choice, as for the small difference in course fee, you broaden your scope of opportunity.

Alltruck Driver Training provides Medium Rigid (MR) training courses and licence assessments (HVCBA) 7 days a week.  Courses start in Western Sydney.

We currently use a 1999 UD MK185 as our training and assessment vehicle, and expect to take delivery of a brand new 2015 Hino 300 Series 921 in February.

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