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Can You Book Driving Lessons During COVID-19?

If you are a novice driver you might be wanting to enroll for driving lessons. In the current scenario with COVID19 unleashing its wrath on us, you will wonder how to get the practice of driving without enrolling in one of the truck driving schools in your locality. A lot of driving instructors or schools … Continue reading “Can You Book Driving Lessons During COVID-19?”

What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Truck Driver?

Truck drivers are going to be in strong demand for many years to come. This career has a bright future, especially for people who like a challenge and have a sense of adventure. If you can’t see yourself dealing with a 9-5 desk job, truck driving is a good option. However, prospective drivers need to … Continue reading “What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Truck Driver?”

How Do I Become A Bus Driver?

Bus driving is a strong career choice with a lot of potentials. With the right training and attitude, you can earn a steady income and enjoy considerable job security. At All Truck Driver Training, we can help you get on this career path by providing a solid foundation. Our bus driver training course covers all … Continue reading “How Do I Become A Bus Driver?”

Getting An HR Licence – All You Need to Know

Truck driving is a lucrative industry that’s relatively future-proof. While it is a difficult job that involves long hours and considerable risks, many consider it the right career choice. However, you can’t just drive a Heavy Rigid vehicle without proper training, even if you have been driving a car for several years. At All Truck … Continue reading “Getting An HR Licence – All You Need to Know”

Want to self-isolate?

We got the job for you There has never been a better time to be a truck driver. Three things support this hypothesis: working isolated in a truck cabin naturally limits the spread of viruses such as Coronavirus; supply chains are experiencing hyper demand for essential items such as toilet paper, and thus need drivers … Continue reading “Want to self-isolate?”

COVID-19 Update

What we’re doin to keep everyone safe ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING has always taken our staff and customer’s health and safety very seriously.   As we now find ourselves at a time of heightened awareness due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wish to take this opportunity to reassure customers and their families of what we are doing to … Continue reading “COVID-19 Update”

Truck licence training online

Is 2020 the year that truck licence training goes online? With the average truck licence training customer seeking the cheapest and easiest way to get a truck licence, some careful consideration of our business approach was needed. Consequently, late last year we launched our brand new Learning Management System (LMS). So how does an online … Continue reading “Truck licence training online”

Trucks must use low gears

Learn about handing steep and long hills This is a FREE and OPEN online course on driving down long and steep hills. Moreover, this course may support heavy vehicle drivers comply with the road rule on driving down low gear signed areas. The course consists of a 10 minute presentation and a 10 question quiz. … Continue reading “Trucks must use low gears”

5 Reasons why you should choose us

Modern equipment In 2015, significant investment was made in a fleet of new trucks to be exclusively used for truck training and licence assessment in Sydney. The fleet includes a mixture of Japanese and American trucks that suit the different preferences in the industry. The brands on offer are Mack or Hino, so specify if … Continue reading “5 Reasons why you should choose us”

Truck licence preparation tools ready for 2020

We’re live Launched last month, the online HVCBA preparation course is proving to be a valuable tool to prepare truck licence applicants to successfully pass their training course and assessment. FREE and EXCLUSIVE This eLearn product is exclusive to ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING’S customers and free of cost, and automatically sends the customer a certificate on … Continue reading “Truck licence preparation tools ready for 2020”