Why It Is Dangerous To Drive Behind A Truck Too Closely

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It doesn’t matter how safe the cars are tailgating is always risky. In contrast, following too closely behind a large commercial vehicle dramatically raises the odds that you will be involved in a serious or fatal collision. 

You may have noticed warnings on the back of big trucks telling you to stay at least a couple of hundred feet away. You should heed these warnings and keep a safe distance from a vehicle to lessen the likelihood of being seriously hurt in an accident with a large truck.

The Danger Of Driving Too Closely Behind A Truck

Getting too close behind a truck might cause a fatal rear-end collision. If another car rear-ends a semi-truck, the truck’s driver will be further from the collision’s epicentre. When a little car rear-ends a big truck, the occupants in the smaller car have nowhere to hide.

The smaller vehicle’s occupants that collide with the back of the truck frequently suffer severe or fatal injuries due to the collision. Some unfortunate motorists learn this lesson too late to avoid an accident and rescue themselves and their passengers.

Types Of Trucks You May Encounter While Driving

A driver’s ability to recognise and react to the wide variety of truck sizes and shapes on the road is crucial for everyone’s safety.

  • Cement trucks
  • Tanker trucks
  • Rigid trucks
  • Semi-trailer trucks 
  • Trailer trucks
  • Grain transporters
  • Livestock transporters
  • Other heavy-duty trucks 

Safe Driving Tips When Following Large Trucks

It’s essential to keep a safe distance behind it and never tailgate to avoid a potentially fatal rear-end collision with a huge truck. Keep some distance between your car and the big rig. Always assume that the motorist cannot see you if he cannot see you in his side mirror. 

Although tempting, you shouldn’t follow behind a truck moving slowly too closely. Because you can’t see what’s in front of the truck to know when the driver needs to stop suddenly, you might be unable to escape a collision if the vehicle suddenly stops.

Avoid driving in the truck’s blind zones, and give yourself plenty of space between your vehicle and the big rig. A truck driver operating a massive vehicle has significant blind zones.

You should never forget that the truck driver cannot see you if they cannot see you in their mirror.

Get Your Truck Driver’s Licence from a Recognised Provider

Driving carefully and maintaining a safe distance between a heavy truck in front of you gives you time to react if it stops suddenly. Always get your truck driver training from a credible provider with skilled and qualified trainers. 

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