Will I fail my truck licence assessment?

Lets start this article with some statistics from a recent internal audit that we conducted. 250 of the last training courses were considered (50 from each trainer) and the results showed that approximately 90% of learners passed their Final Competency Assessment (FCA) first attempt.

We are very pleased with that figure, as 9 in 10 is a really good first time pass rate. The figures were all very close for each trainer, which indicates that they all are doing their job properly.

In the event of a failed attempt at a truck licence assessment, the rules allow that you can reattempt the assessment 1 hour later. Of course, this is dependent on the assessors availability. Our team of assessors always try provide the earliest reassessment opportunity.

In the unlikely event of a failed FCA, we only charge for the time to conduct the reassessment, which is applied at a discounted rate.

We understand that failing is not a pleasant experience, and our team is well trained on treating each learner with dignity at this disappointing time.

Whilst the assessors final decision must stand, as per procedure, if a customer wishes to appeal the decision, the video evidence will be reviewed by the principle trainer. If the decision is deemed to be incorrect, we will provide a reassessment free of charge. Our assessors don’t make mistakes, as they are all very experienced and have intimate knowledge of the rules. Benefits of the doubt are always provided to the candidate.

Our mission is to not see you fail in the first place, so our trainers push you as hard as we can to see that you’re well prepared and likely to pass first attempt.

A few insights to consider:

  • Road rules such as Signalling and Stop signs are obviously treating seriously in assessments, and result in immediate test termination if they’re broken
  • In-cabin cameras are required to record the assessment
  • Appropriate conversation is permitted to relax the environment but assessors are careful not to distract you
  • The final assessment does not include off-road criteria like load securing or pre start checks.

You can be assured that when you received a licence training and assessment course with  ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING, you’re dealing with a proper Roads and Maritime Services approved Registered Training Organisation.

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