Why choose us to get a truck license?

In an industry where the customer simply wants to get a truck license and in a market as competitive as the truck license market is in Sydney, we need to develop and maintain unique selling propositions. If we don’t, customers simply may choose others over us, and we don’t want that.

If you want to get a truck license, the following points are a list of things about us worth considering.

We have a modern and quality fleet.

Our oldest truck is 2010 and newest are 2015 models. We have 4 vehicles, 2 of which we bought brand new in 2015. The all have low kilometres and are very well maintained. Sadly, members of the truck license industry are allowed to run old vehicle, which provides out-dated training, in uncomfortable learning environments.

We are an approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

We are a Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) approved RTO, which means we have a provider agreement with the RMS to delivery Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) services. Most of our competition are not RTOs themselves, as they pay an approved RTO a fee per customer to working under their contract. In my opinion, this separation between contract holder and service provider often creates a situation where quality and compliance come second to sales. The preposterously low quotes that these non-RTO providers give can only mean one of two things: either they’re cutting corners, or they’re misleading the public. Bona fide RTOs are conscious of truth-in-marketing and will offer a more honest fee schedule at enquiry. Being an RTO also allows our staff direct contact with RMS scheme management, which enables us to get timely information and reasonable adjustments. There really is many layers of quality assurance that goes into being an RMS approved RTO.

We have sufficient staff.

We have dedicated staff that handle enquiries and enrolments, records and administration, training staff management, compliance and quality assurance. Because of this, we won’t be taking your call whilst we’re training someone. That unprofessional practice goes on all the time.

We pay tax.

You will get a tax receipt for your payment. We won’t accuse anyone of tax fraud but we hear stories that some providers will give you a deal for cash. I believe that if they’re willing to break tax laws, they’re willing to compromise truck license assessment rules.

We are flexible.

When we assign you an amount of training or assessment hours, we do allow for those hours to carry over to another day, if required. Be aware of these offers that don’t allow you to carry over the hours to another day. As if you don’t finish in a day, it will cost you more.

Our price is right.

We know the price must be right or we won’t book anyone in. We’ll give you a good deal when you need to get a truck license.

“When you’re trying to get a truck license, We believe that you’re not comparing Apples with Apples when considering us against many of our competitors. It’s more like Mangoes with Lemons… one may leave a sour taste in your mouth”.

If you need to get a truck license, we are always available to take your enquiry. Call us on 1300521289 6:00am-10:00pm, 7 days a week.