Getting an HR License (Heavy Rigid) in Sydney

Getting an HR License (Heavy Rigid) in Sydney is usually a predictable and reliable process.

At ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING, we’ve been offing this training for over 30 years. Over the years, we’ve continuously improved our systems to support the drivers of Sydney (and beyond) to upgrade to an HR license.

The HR license training course and assessment is our most popular service that we provide. This is probably due to applicants being able to upgrade from a Car licence straight to a Heavy Rigid Licence, thus, skipping the Light Rigid or Medium Rigid licence. This saves time and money.

With an HR licence training course, there are two licence conditions concerning transmission endorsements:

  1. Condition B (restricted to auto or synchromesh)
  2. Unrestricted (licensed to drive vehicles with any transmission including constant-mesh/Road Rangers transmissions.

You would expect that as time goes on the more modern and easier to operate gearboxes will become more prevalent in the industry, however, we notice a culture that customers do not wish to be restricted. This culture has existed for many years.

“This fear of restriction often leads to them doing an unrestricted HR license course”.

We have three Heavy Rigid vehicles that we use for training and assessment:

  1. 2015 Mack Granite, fitted with an 18 speed Roadranger;
  2. 2012 Mack Trident, fitted with a 12 speed Automated Manual; and
  3. 2010 Hino 500, fitted with a 6 speed automatic.

Using late model vehicles provides our customers with a reliable service, with less breakdowns and issues. Our fleet provides customers with up-to-date training. Don’t settle for old worn out training vehicles – sadly our industry is riddled with them so be careful.

See our FAQ page for more information on the steps you need to take to achieve a licence. Also, learn more about the course content here.

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Getting an HR License