Getting a Medium Rigid licence

Getting a Medium Rigid (MR) licence is not difficult.

Helping people achieve a Medium Rigid licence is a process that we have perfected over the many years that our family company has been in the truck licence business. As it has for over twenty years now, it all starts with a knowledge test. As a Roads and Maritime (RMS) approved provider of Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA), we then handle everything else for you. Customers book in by phone or email and our friendly staff assist you to make a booking that suits you.

So the day has come, and you can’t help but be a little nervous. Well try not to be, because our staff are well trained and experienced in making the process as pleasant and stress-free as possible. The day starts with a safety induction, where we identify a range of risks that may be encounted and talk about the controls that we have in place to mitigate the risks. Next, we conduct a Training Needs Analysis. This analysis assists our trainer to establish previous relevant experiences that may identify prior learnt skills or knowledge. From there we complete a learner agreement, a document that clearly defines the course that  you have enrolled in and declares the fees payable.

An MR licence training course generally starts with a pre-operational check of the training vehicle. This is followed by a load securing exercise. Next is an identification of all controls, gauges and warning systems. This exercise is coupled with all comfort adjustments, including seating, mirrors, cabin cleanliness etc.

The driving always starts in what we refer to as a nursery area, or basic skills area. This ensures that basic skills are established in a low-traffic area. This also provides some time to familiarise with the vehicle, without the pressure of heavy road traffic. It is in this section that steering techniques, mirror checking and basic vehicle handling is taught.

“Remember not to stress-out. All this training content is very similar to driving a large car. Often we’re repeating what you already know”.

Once we get on the main roads you’re exposed to tasks such as Hill starts, reversing, and a range of other activities aimed at preparing you to drive a medium rigid truck.

At the end of the training course, another staff member employed by ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING will conduct a final assessment on you.

All going to plan and you pass, and most people do, you are provided with a certificate which you take to ServiceNSW to upgrade your licence

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ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING training and assessment vehicle