How long does it take to get truck licence?

If you aspire to drive a heavy vehicle like a truck you need to have a licence for the appropriate class of vehicle. To obtain a truck licence you need to complete the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) with a training institute that is registered. For places where HVCBA is not available, you must undergo a heavy vehicle driving test with a testing officer from Roads and Maritime office.

What are HC Vehicles and how to get an HC Licence?

HC class of vehicles include vehicles that have three or more than three axles, heavy rigid trailer combination with at least three axles and any towed trailer having GVM of more than nine tonnes.

To get an HC licence you will be eligible only when you have held an HR or MR licence or its equivalent for at least a year. The time that you would have spent on a P2 HR or MR licence also counts, but to be able to practice driving an HC vehicle or get an upgrade for your licence to HC licence you need to hold a full class HR or MR licence. You will then need to go through the HC knowledge check test and clear it and then go through an eye examination. Lastly, you will need to successfully complete the HVCBA or Roads and Maritime driving test.

What are MR Vehicles and how to get an MR licence?

All buses and trucks which have a GVM of more than eight tonnes and have two axles or any towed trailer that does not show weight more than nine tonnes is included in the class of MR Vehicles.

To be eligible for applying for an MR licence you must have an existing class C licence that you have held for at least one year. The time that you would have spent on a P1 license is also valid but you will not be allowed to practice driving a Medium Rigid vehicle or upgrade your licence to an MR licence if you do not have a P2 or a full licence of Class C. You will then have to go through an MR knowledge test and successfully clear it and pass an eyesight examination. The last step is to complete the competency assessment or the test conducted by Roads and Maritime service.

On successful completion of all the mandatory steps, the Department of Transport updates the licence record to reflect the class of vehicle you are now authorized to drive.

To apply for a truck driving licence, you should look for a training organization that is recognized by Roads and Maritime Services and authorized to provide heavy vehicle training and assessments to drivers who want to obtain a driving licence for heavy vehicles.

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