Major changes to Bus Driver Authority Training Announced

In October 2013, the contract holder of the Bus Driver Authority training and assessment system expects to commence an new system of education for new Bus drivers.

The course content will significantly change to include education of the following standards:

Workplace legislation and procedures

Work Health and Safety Procedures

Fatigue Management

Breakdown or Emergency

Workplace Communication

Dealing with Passengers

This major industry change is like none the industry has experienced in the last 10 years, and will certainly lift the entry requirements of the bus drivers of tomorrow.

The cost of training will definitely rise, inline with the increase workload and responsibility for the trainer.

Anyone wishing to achieve a Bus Driver Authority at the current low prices are strongly encouraged to enrol in a course with us, and complete your training by the end of September 2013.

As only limited information has been made available to the industry at this point, we are not entirely sure of how much additional work there will be, from October 2013, and there are no projections on how long the course may take to complete for a student.  There is a chance the training may be required to be conducted over more than one day.

Watch this space…