Meet Eric

Meet Eric. He enjoys long black coffee and is the only guy I’ve met that got divorced and remarried the same lady. He sounds like he can handle pressure, so he’ll fit right in with us.

Eric is joining our team of trainer/assessors in the next month. He was a student of ours, having completed numerous courses with us over the last decade.

Eric is currently undergoing highly specialised training and scheme induction, which includes training on: Conflict of Interest mitigation, Conflict management, Access and Equity, Fairness and Validity in Assessment, Code of conduct expectations, Assessment evidence collection and retention, Standard Directional Instructions, Language and Tone, and so many more topics.  The process is taking months, but he will become a job ready assessor from day 1.

Whilst Eric experience does lie with Semi trailers, he’ll be starting off with Medium Rigid (MR) and Heavy Rigid (HR) training courses and assessment.

A big part of his training is learning about the criteria and how to score them in assessment. We cannot have Eric too trigger-happy when it comes to marking a learner down. He needs to know exactly what is acceptable and what is error worthy.

He is performing really well in his training and we expect to see him on the tools in April.

From everyone at ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING, welcome Eric!

Eric ADT