Need work? Get a truck licence

One quick search of Seek reveals 1753 truck driver jobs in Sydney alone. There certainly is a shortage of truck drivers in Sydney, and the problem is worse in regional areas.

If driving a truck for work is something that interests you, we can help you get started by offering two services:

Medium Rigid licence upgrade, or

Heavy Rigid licence upgrade, or

Heavy Combination licence upgrade, and

Advanced Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

Stage 1: The truck licence upgrade stage (HVCBA) provides training and assessment to meet the government prescribed licence standard to drive a heavy vehicle. Whilst this program is of high quality, the contents are set by government agencies, and not industry (or us), and in many cases that content and / or standard may be lower than what some employers consider as a job ready preparation. One fact that we’ve established numerous times is that generally speaking most employers enjoy paying low course fees to see their staff licensed, and will elect to only fund the licence process and not the advanced content.

Stage 2 (optional): The advanced driver training is not required to start work, as responsible driver transport operators will often provide sufficient employment training and induction, but it is fair to say that some employers expect that you are job ready at application to the job. In this program the training involves serious ‘low gear’ grades, advanced load security awareness, fatigue compliance, and advanced gear changing in constant mesh manuals (where applicable).

In a perfect world the licence standard would include the advanced training but that is not the case, as in a competitive training market, provider’s course fees are compared and sadly cheap and quick is often preferred over quality and content. The only way that will change is if the policy makers amend the rules and require new drivers to undertake training and assessment on more subjects.

So if you want high quality and reliable licensing process that doesn’t divert from the minimum licensing requirements, we provide that solution and do it in class with highly qualified trainers in near new industry leading vehicles. Highest quality – easiest pathway.

If you see value in learning more beyond the minimum licence standard or want to experience ‘low gear required’ grades like Mt Ousley, we can provide that too.

It’s about meeting your personal wants and needs, something our family company has done for nearly four decades.

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