NSW truck licence quality, compliance, efficiency, and cost

We at ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING genuinely endeavour to be an honest and ethical member of the private training community, in offering NSW Truck Licence Training and Assessment services.

To achieve this requires that we are transparent and honest in dealings with the public, in the supply of our products and services, which include NSW truck licence training and assessments.

What we are finding, anecdotally, is that heavy vehicle trainers and assessors, usually who are not Registered Training Organisations themselves, are deliberately misleading consumers at the point of sale.

“In a highly competitive NSW truck Licence training market, where supply often exceeds demand, these providers of questionable quality, will do anything to sign the customer up. We are hearing of desperately low-priced quotes, which simply do not add up”.

One trick that might be being used is a low quote, with the bad news of more hours being required once enrolled. More hours being required could happen at any training company but the best practice is to have course offers that sees the majority of customers succeed for the price.

Another issue is the quality and age of the assessment vehicles being used. Be really careful that you’re not enrolling with a course provider who uses old and out-dated technologies. Ask the age of the training truck.

We do acknowledge that the majority of NSW truck licence applicants want to pursue the path to least resistance when upgrading to a NSW truck licence. We meet that need whilst maintaining compliant and quality procedures. What needs to be recognised it that there is only so many efficiencies that can be provided before quality or compliance starts to be compromised, and it is this point that causes us to believe that something is not quite right with some of the offers in the heavy vehicle licence market, especially for a NSW truck licence in Sydney.

ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING will not compromise its well-regarded reputation for a quick sale. We always put proper process before sales. We do things properly, and our staff sleeps well knowing that we will be approved to trade going forward due to our compliant behaviours.

With our position on quality and compliance, over the years, we have developed a large market share of corporate and government customers, who demand a high quality product. In recent times, our RTO was commissioned to write training materials for training of new assessors, and our staff are involved in industry working groups for matter concerning the HVCBA scheme. We are serious about what we do.

We concede though, that the corporate and government cohort of the market, per se, is not sufficient to meet our enrolment needs. So we must pitch our product to the general public as well, who are looking to upgrade to a NSW truck licence. What is noteworthy is that individuals who are looking to upgrade to a NSW truck licence, usually are more attracted to a low-cost and efficient truck licence program. We get that. Money and time doesn’t come easy. We believe we can offer both – A cost and time efficient and high quality service.

We achieve this by:

  • knowing the NSW truck licence criteria intimately;
  • using high quality and late model trucks;
  • well trained and experienced staff;
  • managerial oversight of staff; and
  • dedicated administration staff.

A new thing that we understand may soon become a requirement is the need for Training Providers to provide a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for customers who enrol in accredited training.

We believe that this is an excellent and convenient way to provide important information to customers. This enables customers to make informed decisions before they enrol in training and assessment services. We have decided to release a PDS for our products, and customers will receive this for enrolments in the near future.

Being in the NSW truck licence training business nearly 40 years is no accident; we’re here today because we are honest providers of quality service.

Please call us if we can be of service on 1300521289