Truck licence training online

Is 2020 the year that truck licence training goes online?

With the average truck licence training customer seeking the cheapest and easiest way to get a truck licence, some careful consideration of our business approach was needed. Consequently, late last year we launched our brand new Learning Management System (LMS).

So how does an online training platform with a focus on truck licence training make things cheaper and easier for customers?

Well, a truck licence candidate who is able to prepare themselves in their own time, from their phone or tablet, will need less face-to-face time with professional truck licence trainers. And as for being easier, being able to prepare in the convenience of your own home does relieve some of the pressure of learning too much at the one time.

How do we know this is all true?

We only have about a month worth of data, but early anecdotal reports are that the eLearning platform is making a positive difference in the experience of our truck licence applicants. I think that it goes without saying that if a truck licence applicant is able to be better prepared before they attend practical training, they’re going to perform better and be less stressed and fatigued. It just knowing the training and assessment content goes a long way to putting a truck licence applicant’s mind at ease.

What courses are on offer?

The most significant offering is our HVCBA Preparation course. It basically consists of 12 lecture videos and 12 quizzes. They’re all easy to follow and take about 2 hours to compete. Most exciting of all is that this is FREE and EXCLUSIVE for our customers. We have also released two 30 minute courses; a Load Security Awareness course and a course on trucks using low gears.

What to learn more?

Call our friendly team on 1300521289 or email for more information.