Conflict of Interest

ADT must ensure that no Conflict of Interest occurs in assessments conducted on its behalf.

To state the method in which Alltruck Driver Training will comply with the RMS Code of Conduct for HVCBA and the relevant RTO Standards.

“Conflict of Interest” means any circumstances that exist or arise which:
a) Constitute an actual conflict;
b) Constitute a known risk of conflict; or
c) May be perceived by others to be a conflict, between the duties of ADT or its Personnel to RMS and their duties to another person in relation to the activities under this agreement.

A conflict of interest occurs when you are influenced by a private interest (financial or otherwise) when carrying out your work-related duties. A conflict includes any Applicant who is a family member or other person known to the Personnel. A conflict of interest that knowingly leads to partial or biased decisions for personal benefit may constitute corrupt conduct.

Conflicts of Interest may be:
a) Actual – involving a real and direct conflict between your current duties and responsibilities and existing private interests;
b) Potential – arising when you have private interests that could conflict with your official duties in the future; and/or
c) Perceived – existing where it could be perceived by a third party that your private interests could improperly influence the performance of your duties, whether or not this is in fact the case.

ADT must use its best endeavours to ensure that no action is taken by itself, or its Personnel, which results in a Conflict of Interest.

In particular, ADT must take all necessary and proper precautions to prevent its Personnel from receiving or making, providing or offering to any person a gift, entertainment, payment, loan or other consideration from any Applicant or potential Applicant.

ADT’s personnel must immediately inform ADT upon becoming aware of the existence or possibility of a Conflict of Interest.

ADT must immediately inform RMS upon becoming aware of the existence or possibility of a Conflict of Interest.

ADT must also within 5 Working Days after a request by RMS, advise RMS in writing of all potential and actual Conflicts of Interest, including details of the conflict, the Personnel involved, and the steps taken to address the conflict.

The policy extends to all staff.

The CEO is responsible for ensuring this policy be implemented in the QMS.

Version 4.5