Diversity and Inclusion

ADT is committed to building a culture that values the benefits that a diverse workforce and a more diverse workplace offers, as a key enabler to meet business objectives.

To state the method in which Alltruck Driver Training will comply with the RMS Code of Conduct for HVCBA and the relevant RTO standards.

ADT must promote and facilitate a work environment where there is respect and support for differences and diversity of thought.  The ideal workplace is characterised by a flexible work culture supportive of diverse needs and free from discrimination, harassment or bullying. The objective is having a workplace where different perspectives are heard and encouraged to contribute to the success of the business.

Factors that make people unique include:

a) Gender and gender identity;
b) Sexual orientation;
c) Religious beliefs;
d) Race (including colour, nationality, decent and ethnic, ethno-religious or national origin or immigration);
e) Age;
f) Disability (including both visual disabilities – physical – and less obvious disabilities such as sensory, intellectual, mental health or psycho-social);
g) Marital or parental status;
h) Educational background;
i) Socioeconomic status.

What must Alltruck Driver Training staff do:

a) Not engage in discriminative behaviour towards anyone;
b) Facilitate access to training services to all, include those identified under factors that make people unique;
c) Not engage in harassment or bully anyone;
d) Respect the opinion of others;
e) Report in writing discrimination, bullying or harassment to the CEO of ADT immediately.

The policy extends to all staff.


The CEO is responsible for ensuring this policy be implemented in the QMS.

Version 4.5