Alltruck Driver Training receives an in-depth audit of its quality systems

Robyn Maher from RTOHelp Pty Ltd, a well respect RTO auditor and compliance consultant with a wealth of knowledge and experience, was engaged to review our compliance with the Standards for RTOs.

The audit was conducted over eight hours, and was very much in-depth, with Mrs. Maher not “pulling any punches”.

Michael Sciberras, CEO at Alltruck Driver Training, was required to evidence to Mrs. Maher how Alltruck Driver Training is meeting its obligations.

The review experience was incredibly rewarding, with suggested improvements offered on policy and procedure issues that not only concern compliance matters, but also workflow and efficiency considerations.

Mrs. Maher made an effort to behave like an ASQA site auditor, which effectively provided the experience that our RTO needed.

In the audit, Mrs. Maher commenced the preparation of a report, using an ASQA style audit report template, with a view to finalise it, and forward it to us for consideration and implementation.

Mrs. Maher provide a comment in relation to Alltruck Driver Trainings performance stating, “It appears that you are 100% compliant with all Standards, well done!”

We at Alltruck Driver Training are incredibly grateful for the high quality service Robyn Maher has provided, and we will be using her service again in about twelve months time.

Improvements will be rolled out over the next two weeks.