Heavy Vehicle Driver Verification of Competency

Service Information

  • Supports ongoing compliance with CoR and WHS legislation;
  • Provides employers or PCBUs a driver’s competency status;
  • Can be used as a mechanism for pre-employment screening;
  • Can be used by licensed drivers seeking to validate their skills and knowledge;
  • Vehicle supplied, or customer own used in assessments;
  • Current National Licensing assessment tools are used, or assessment tools can be contextualised to suit individual needs;
  • Assessments conducted by licensed, qualified, and experienced assessors;
  • ‘Assessment only’ or interactive ‘Refresh and Assess’ approaches to VOC offered;
  • Driver assessments available for licence classes Light Rigid (LR), MR Licence (Medium Rigid Licence), HR Licence (Heavy Rigid Licence), and HC Licence (Heavy Combination Licence);
  • A statement and report, indicating the assessment outcome is provided.


Candidate must hold the licence relative to the assessment they are undertaking.

Assessment Content (reduced criteria options available)

Pre-operational Check
Cabin Drill
Start, move off, shut down and secure
Manages Steering
Manages Gears
Manages Brakes
Manages Accelerator
Create & Maintain Crash Avoidance Space
Protect Crash Avoidance Space
Road Rules and Directions
Hill Stop/Start
Load Securing

Assessment Duration

Minimum of 2 hours per candidate (for a limited verification – with not all criteria measured).

Important note: If a complete Verification of Competence is required, fully aligned with the HVCBA criteria to achieve a licence, then the same hours are required as a normal licence applicant.


Horsley Park for assessments conducted in our vehicles, or Sydney-wide for assessments in customer vehicles.


Contact us on 1300 521 289 or info@adt.nsw.edu.au anytime to discuss your needs, and for our current fee schedule.

Eric ADT