TLILIC3017 Licence to drive a heavy combination vehicle

TLILIC3017 Licence to drive a heavy combination vehicle

ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING is a Transport for NSW (‘TfNSW’) approved provider of Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (‘HVCBA’)

Licence Information

A heavy combination licence allows drivers to drive any prime mover with a single semi-trailer, or heavy vehicle plus a single trailer greater than 9 tonnes GVM. Automatic/synchromesh and Unrestricted/Constant Mesh gearbox endorsements available


To enrol in TLILIC3017 Licence to drive a heavy combination vehicle, all participants must:

  • Have held a Class MR or HR licence for a least one year. P2 licence holders cannot upgrade to this class.
  • Complete the TfNSW Combination knowledge test and obtain a HVCBA learners logbook and guidebook.
  • See the Product Disclosure Statement for more details on pre-requisites.
  • Unless exempt, provide us yourUnique Student Identifier  (‘USI’) — see more information here

Course Content

Pre-operational Check
Cabin Drill
Start, move off, shut down and secure
Manages Steering
Manages Gears (NA Automatic Transmission)
Manages Brakes
Manages Accelerator
Create & Maintain Crash Avoidance Space
Protect Crash Avoidance Space
Road Rules and Directions
Hill Stop/Start
Load Securing
Final Competency Assessment
Required Knowledge

Course Duration

As each learner has different skills, experience and prior knowledge, the amount of training and assessment time is determined on an individual basis. Call us on 1300521289 for a Training Needs Analysis. An estimated course duration for a learner with limited prior knowledge and skills is ten (10) or thirteen (14) one-on-one hours (dependant on gearbox licence endorsement), face-to-face, but is subject to adjustment based on performance.

Course Assessment

Our training and assessment systems satisfy the TfNSW requirements for HVCBA which is face-to-face and one-on-one training and assessment.

Locations available

Training starts at our Horsely Park premises. (Near Eastern Creek and Wetheril Park).

Course fee

Call us on 1300 521 289 or email us anytime for our current fee schedule. Government funding may be available to you; however, please be aware that use of this funding may prohibit access to other funding opportunities.

Support services

Online tools are provided prior to course attendance. An appropriately classed heavy vehicle is supplied course. A trainer with work with you one-on-one to develop your skills and knowledge and an assessor will conduct the assessment. This is all included in the course fees.

RTO Details

RTO Code 70253 Driver Solutions PTY LTD Trading as ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING — Please see the Australian Consumer & Competition Commission (‘ACCC’) for your rights as a consumer.