Competency Test (CT)

Important Information

The licensing authority in NSW (the authority) claim that ‘integral to HVCBA is the concept of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)’. Furthermore, the authority have stated that ‘an applicant may request a Competency Test (CT) to assess their current level of driving ability in an LR, MR or HR Class of licence. However, they have confirmed that ‘a CT cannot be used to assess an applicant for either a Class HC or a Class MC licence’.

Consistent with the above policies, we at ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING now offer an option for a CT as a method to achieve an LR, MR or HR Class of licence. Although, we provide this offer with a strong warning that a CT may not be for everyone.

The authority has declared that ‘the CT is conducted under a test environment where training and instruction are not permitted’; thus, an applicant must already have the skills and knowledge to be able to pass the test without training or instruction.

The driving performance required in a CT is, as to be expected, of a high standard. The criteria are formally structured, and a reasonable person would not expect an applicant to pass the CT without relevant prior training and experience. Moreover, the authority requires the CT be video recorded, which naturally adds pressure to the testing environment.

A strategy that is available to applicants is that training be conducted separately and before the CT. Of course, as we are recognised by Roads and Maritime Services as a provider of heavy vehicle training and assessments for drivers wishing to obtain heavy vehicle driver licences, we can offer heavy vehicle driver training, but an applicant who requires training before a CT would be better off enrolling in a regular Medium Rigid (MR), Heavy Rigid (HR), or Heavy Combination (HC) training and assessment program.

If it sounds like we’re trying to talk you out of doing a CT, well we are. This is mainly due to the complications that come with CTs. Firstly, if an applicant fails a CT they must resit the whole CT again, which doubles the fee. Secondly, the CT test route is double the distance of a normal Final Competency Assessment (FCA), and thus an applicant has to perform to a standard twice as high as a regular HVCBA pathway.

WARNING – We wish to make it abundantly clear: while we will offer this pathway, we at ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING do not recommend a CT due to the level of difficulty and risk of cost blowout. We believe that a regular HVCBA pathway for MR, HR, or HC is preferable for 99.9% of applicants.

This CT is not the same as the Condition B Removal Competency Test (CT).


Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements, including licence tenure and medical requirements as prescribed by RMS. While not pre-requisites, a CT applicant should only be someone who meets the following description:

  • has comprehensive and relevant prior training;
  • has comprehensive and relevant prior experience;
  • is capable and motivated to prepare themselves for the CT;
  • is able to comprehend and apply the criteria (provide on enrolment);
  • is able to comprehend and apply the Road Rules;
  • understands the risks associated with the CT process.

Test Criteria

Pre-operational Check (off-road)
Cabin Drill (off-road)
Start, move off, shut down and secure (on-road)
Manages Steering (on-road)
Manages Gears (on-road)
Manages Brakes (on-road)
Manages Accelerator (on-road)
Create & Maintain Crash Avoidance Space (on-road)
Protect Crash Avoidance Space (on-road)
Road Rules and Directions (on-road)
Reverse (off-road)
Hill Stop/Start (on-road)
Load Securing (off-road)

Test Duration

Four (4) hours:

0.25 hour – briefing and safety induction.

1 hour – assessment of the off-road criteria.

0.5 hour – vehicle familiarisation.

2 hour  – assessment of the on-road criteria.

0.25 hour – certification and administration.


Horsley Park and Eastern Creek.


$590. Offer subject to change without notice.

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