Licence class focus: Heavy Combination (HC)

A Heavy Combination license, otherwise known as a HC license is the next progression from an Australian HR license.

Persons wishing to upgrade to an HC licence must have held a class MR or HR licence or equivalent for one year or more, passed a knowledge test, passed an eyesight test, and either passed an RMS driving test or undertake Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA).

The minimum test vehicle for an HC HVCBA is a three axle prime mover with a minimum two axle semi-trailer or a heavy rigid vehicle plus trailer over twelve tonnes GVM. A person who holds a provisional P2 licence is not eligible for a HC licence.

A person who holds an unrestricted MR or HR is provided recognition for their current unconditional licence, and as such are not required to be trained or assessed in a vehicle fitted with a Constant-mesh (RoadRanger) transmission, as they currently hold this endorsement on their licence.

Occasionally a client with an unrestricted MR or HR will want to take advantage of the refreshment experience that comes with an HC assessment in a proper manual transmission, but this is rarely the case as most people will take advantage of the rule that allows them to save money and reduce pressure in the assessment.

There is nothing to stop a person from receiving further gearbox refresher training either professionally or with a friend. In fact, Alltruck Driver Training strongly recommends this to its clients, if appropriate, and collects signed declarations that graduates will receive support or further training before driving an unfamiliar vehicle.

With major transport depots being built in Western Sydney, in areas such as Huntingwood, Erskine Park, and Eastern Creek, an HC license is an in demand qualification, which could potentially progress your professional driving career.

Alltruck Driver Training offers both restricted HC license courses, and unrestricted HC license courses in Western Sydney.  Licence options can qualify a driver to drive trucks fitted with Automatic, Synchromesh, or Constant-mesh transmissions.

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