What Is It Like To Live A Career As A Truck Driver?

To be able to drive a truck throughout the length and breadth of the country is challenging and exciting. While staying away from family for days or months on end can be taxing, the fact that a person gets to see and experience so much of the country and is paid to travel is a very exciting prospect.

Additionally, the career of a truck driver is also secure and high-paying. It is a very good career choice provided the truck driver is very careful with his choice of work and pay package available. Even women can flourish and make a mark in this field.

Adventurous, secure and fun-filled, the career of the truck driver certainly is an option that makes life infinitely interesting. For people not interested in a 9 to 5 white-collar desk job, this is an ideal career option.

While being a truck driver does not require a degree, three things are mandatory:

  • Attending any one of the VicRoads approved truck driving schools
  • Obtaining a license for the concerned category of commercial vehicle and
  • Having a good sense of time.

People passionate about driving have to undertake a fair amount of training, licensing and experience gathering. Other than attending a driving school, aspiring truck drivers can also attend a CDL training program funded by their company. These training programs are important because they teach a truck driver:

  • How to handle the truck when on the road alone,
  • The rules and regulations that govern driving commercial vehicles on the road,
  • The process of conducting a pre-trip inspection to ensure the truck is in good condition before embarking on a trip and
  • Introduces the aspiring truck driver to several defensive driving skills.

All of the above are extremely important for road safety. Additionally, some of these training schools also have the facility to offer on-campus placement facilities immediately after a candidate passes the official State licensing test.

Most companies prefer taking drivers from these driving schools since these drivers are capable of making safe choices on the road. With escalating insurance costs, few companies can afford to hire a reckless driver.

Truck driving is thus a very profitable way of living life especially if one passes out of one of the VicRoads approved truck driving schools. Such drivers with good experience can earn $65000 or more per annum. Novices passing out of these training schools start their carrier with a $40000 annual package. With experience, the amount goes up and veteran truck drivers have been known to earn $85000 or more annually. A shortage of good drivers prompts companies to offer extensive fringe benefits to retain the ones they have. Thus, experience and name as a good and safe driver can reap rich dividends.

Some extra benefits that salaried truck drivers are eligible for are medical, dental and life insurances, retirement benefits, free vision treatments etc. Fortune 500 companies also offer extra compensation as recognition of the driver’s efforts thereby encouraging and motivating them to perform better. They are also eligible for a bonus once a year.

The truck driver’s job has no fixed hours. Sometimes they also have to travel during the night and rest during the day. People with a keen sense of adventure and a passion for driving will love the career of a truck driver.