What it means to be an approved Registered Training Organisation

We at ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING have been in the heavy vehicle training insdustry since 1980, but only since 2012 have we been an Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Across all of NSW, there is only approximately 30 approved RTOs, but still the heavy vehicle training industry is flooded with heavy vehicle driving instructors, many of whom who only work on a casual basis. For these people to be in business, they pay ongoing fees to approved companies like ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING.

How does being an RMS approved RTO benefit our customers?

  1. Authorised contact with specialised RMS team – We consider this one of the most important aspects of being an approved RTO. We are able to received authorised reasonable adjustments and assessment detail amendments, with very short notice. Procedure is in place preventing heavy vehicle instructors from contact HVCBA scheme management directly, as RTO administrators are the most appropriate people to handle these communications.
  2. Mandatory complaints and appeals mechanisms – Fortunately for us we don’t have complaints or appeals but the policy and procedures are in place explaining clearly how these matters are handled. Sadly, when dealing with companies that are not approved, you risk these cowboys riding-off into the sunset with your hard-earned cash.
  3. Dedicated office staff – So much goes on behind the scenes to ensure that we provide excellent service to our customer. We have a Manager who is dedicated to enquiries, enrolments, and accounts. Another Manager dedicated to records and archiving, and a third who handles staff training, compliance, and techincal support. So when you’re enquiring about a truck licence with us, you can be sure that you have our full attention. Amazingly,  many of our competitors will take your enquiry whilst they’re training someone. So unprofessional!
  4. All staff are in-house – This factor is another really important one for customers. The reasons are simple; external contractors often don’t care about customer service, as they aren’t really their customers. Our team of five assessor are all full time staff and work exclusive with ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING.
  5. Quality indicators and continuous improvement – Most of our competition wouldn’t know what this means. I say that with due respect, as most aren’t RTOs, so they have no requirement to follow these principles or implement these programs. Essentially, we survey our customers at graduation, and seek quality and quantitive data. We collect, analyse, and then act on this data. Our staff all know that we measure customer satisfaction and set out to receive positive feedback from the work they do.

WARNING – For all your HEAVY VEHICLE TRAINING needs, we strongly reccomend that you only deal with approved RTOs like us, listed on the RMS website. See here.