The national heavy vehicle licensing system is approaching fast

It appears that NSW is on track to introduced the national assessment tool as the mandated instrument for heavy vehicle licensing in the state. The significant change is the fact that trainer/assessors will need to be aligned with, or become a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

The cost of the training will rise, I don’t think anybody will dispute that. What we’re starting to consider, is the fact that the additional costs imposed on trainers may not be as significant as first expected.

Figures of approximately $100 per assessment would be the fee payable to an RTO for resource provision, administration, and including the issuing of Statement of Attainments. This $100 fee, however, does not factor in additional administration, and training requirements imposed on the trainer/assessor. In my opinion, add another $100 for that.

As we are already an RTO, we have been provided by the RMS the new Service Provider Agreement, Business Procedures and Route Development Guide, and to be perfectly honest, the framework is not as spooky as first anticipated. In many ways, the assessment requirements are less involved, with what appears to be discretionary provisions on some aspects of the assessment tool. What is clearly more complex, is the Final Competency Assessment (FCA), it is longer, at a minimum of 45 minutes, and the criteria incorporates most aspects of the HVCBA component.

Sadly for our organisation, the month of December will not be as relaxed as other industries, in fact it will be the opposite, with intense internal training, training and assessment strategy modification, implementation, and validation, which must including effective industry engagement.

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