Truck license DKT iOS and Android Apps

Preparing for the truck license DKT is the first stage of your journey to achieve a truck license in NSW.

A convenient way to prepare for the truck license DKT is to install an app. Many of our customers have reported that these apps greatly assisted them to achieve the truck license DKT.

Using a Question bank is another great tool that allows you to see all the possible questions and to focus on the questions that you may not properly understand. We have links (see links tab) to the Question Bank for the truck license DKT you may wish to achieve.

Reading the Heavy Vehicle Driver Handbook is also highly recommended as an aid to prepare for the truck license DKT. The Load Restraint Guide is packed with very useful information and whilst you may not need too much of the content pre DKT, we suggest that you do spend the time to read the resource, before you work as a truck driver.

Once you have prepared, you are able to make a booking using the ServiceNSW ‘Book a test’ portal. If the test date they offer is not early enough to suit your needs, we suggest you call them on 137788 and try for an earlier test slot. Call our team on 1300521289 if you’re still having trouble getting a truck license DKT in a reasonable amount of time and we may be able to assist.

See our FAQ page for other information that may assist you.

Click the icon below to download the appropriate smart phone app, and prepare for a truck license DKT the easy way.