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ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING has been servicing customers from the Penrith area for many years. Our training facility is only a short drive from Penrith down the M4 motorway. A truck license Penrith is an achievable process, which starts with a visit to Service NSW Penrith to complete the driver knowledge test. From there, the customers from Penrith make their way to our facility for the truck license training and assessment.

A truck license in Penrith can cost as little as $590, for experienced applicants, yet ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING has offers to suit all levels of skill and experience. If you’re seeking a truck license job in Penrith, a truck license is obviously an important step. Let ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING lead the way to a career with a truck license Penrith.

If you want quality training and assessment for a truck license in Penrith, it is important to choose a reputable training provider. ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING has been in the truck license industry for nearly 40 years, and is the preferred provider to many of Australia’s largest companies.

The training program to achieve a truck license includes a range of performance criteria. Such as, but not limited to, pre operational checks, load security, reversing, and crash avoidance space management.

Our training plan starts with an informal chat with the student to establish any prior learning or experience, then we do a safety induction, before getting started with the training and assessment.

Let ALLTRUCK DRIVER TRAINING show you why we’re Penrith’s number one provider of heavy vehicle competency based training and assessment and truck license Penrith. See our industry fleet of training vehicles.

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Truck license Penrith
Truck license Penrith