Truck Maintenance, What Do You Need to Know?

If you expect peak performance from your truck, then your truck too expects something in return from you. Whether you have owned your truck for years or it is something you have just picked up from the showroom, all trucks require regular maintenance and care. Having said that, taking it to the mechanic or service station every time is a bit too much both in terms of effort and costs. While major issues can be dealt with at the authorized shops, regular maintenance is easy to carry out in your own garage itself.

Conducting regular maintenance on your own will enable you to catch problems with your truck early on and you might be able to save a lot on damages or repair costs. A lot of pickup truck owners not only use their vehicles for regular transportation but they also depend on it for recreation and work therefore, as an owner you need to understand the five basic forms of maintenance to help your truck keep running at the best performance for years

Checking the fluid levels

Truck maintenance starts with fluids. Whether it is the engine oil, coolant, power steering liquid, brake fluid or windshield washer fluid. It is a no-brainer that all these functions are critical to your truck and actually constitute your truck.

Whichever truck driving schools you have learned from or whoever in your family has taught you to drive, they must have told you about the various points where all different kinds of fluids and oils are put into the truck. It is of utmost importance to keep a regular check on these fluids because you don’t want a crucial component of your truck to fail while you are cruising at high speeds on the highway or trying to have some adventure on the hills.

Rotating the tires

Usually, there is a sticker that comes along with your truck that shows how the tires have to be rotated. It is there to remind you that your tires will suffer wear and tear on the road and one side will always wear more than the other. This means that after a certain point, the tires lose their grip on one side.

The solution is simple, keep rotating your tires at a regular interval. This will not only keep the tires in good shape but also mitigate the risks of an accident on slippery terrain

Cleaning and inspection

A clean truck is a happy truck that works like clockwork. The dirtier your truck is, the more chances there are for it to have a breakdown. You never know what dirt or smudge or a piece of debris from your latest trip might do to the parts over time.

In many parts of the world, regular inspection too is mandated or else the drivers/owners lose their hc licence. So, if you do not want to be mr licence looser then it is imperative to clean your truck and get it inspected regularly for any possible issues lurking around.