Types of Semi-Trucks

semi trucks

Purchasing the right type of truck makes sense, as different businesses in Australia have unique requirements. Moreover, fleet owners should be knowing the type of semi-trucks that perfectly suit their needs. To ease up your decision-making process, we have come up with this article, describing different types of semi-trucks you can choose from. With adequate information on all types of semi-trucks that you can buy, you can make your call. Accordingly, you can proceed and acquire the necessary vehicles for your fleet.

What is a semi-truck?

Firstly, you need to understand what we refer to as a semi-truck. These vehicles have two components. The tractor unit in these trucks serves as the source of power. The truck’s cab is also located in the tractor. The second unit comprises the trailers that remain attached to the tractor.

You can use these trailers for hauling heavy equipment, depending on the nature of your business or contract. Remember, driving semi-truck calls for significant skills. Therefore, you need to undergo truck driver training before you can drive these vehicles.

Different types of semi-trucks to choose from

1. Day cabs

This is the basic version of a semi-truck where you have a space for the driver along with a passenger. The cabin has rear windows, which ease up the process of navigating the vehicle. These semi-trucks are ideal for shorter trips where the driver need not navigate the vehicle overnight.

Day cabs have shorter bodies, making it easier for the driver to negotiate tight zones. You can attach any kind of trailer to a day cab. This makes the vehicle versatile enough.

2. Sleeper trucks

Sleeper trucks are ideal for long hauls. These are semi-trucks that come with inbuilt sleeping quarters. Besides, the driver can enjoy some additional amenities. Just like day cabs, they have a tractor with seats for the driver and a passenger. However, the living quarters occupy the remaining part of the cabin.

Sleeper trucks come in different styles and sizes. While one can purchase a simple version, you also have more elaborate designs that come with a complete RV setup. Besides, you can connect sleeper trucks to different types of trailers.

3. Custom haulers

Customer haulers are more personalized semi-trucks. If you need a specialized tractor, you can go for a custom hauler. These semi-trucks are versatile, and you can get them tailored to suit your business needs. Besides, one can purchase a hauler with different towing capacities. You can also incorporate it with additional features to suit your requirements. Some fleet owners also decide to integrate sleeping quarters in their custom haulers.

One of the significant benefits of owning a custom hauler is that you can get some of the best engines for these vehicles. Therefore, they serve as reliable means of transportation to haul your products or loads across long distances. You can also accommodate oversize loads in these custom haulers.

Get adequate training at a reputed centre

Before you purchase a semi-truck, make sure to undergo proper truck driver training at a reputed centre. Here, you can obtain your mr licence, and get yourself trained to hit the road. For truck driver training in NSW, you can reach out to ADTNSW